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We ask smart questions. We understand the "why" and the "how." We help you realize your full potential.

What We Do

We believe that applying the best social science research practices is necessary to solve the most challenging problems. We work with governments, non-profits, and businesses to reach the right people, ask the right questions, and identify the best ways to engage with communities, stakeholders, and customers.

How We Work

Your organization exists to make an impact – in the communities you serve, for the customers whose loyalty you’ve earned, and for those you want a chance to win over in the future. And your organization needs good information in order to know how best to make that impact, so that your decisions direct communications and investments towards the greatest return. But too often, organizations put their shoulder behind strategic plans that don’t draw on the most valuable resource available – the viewpoint of the people you need to engage.

The cost of charging forward without the right “human” intelligence can be considerable. Delayed project implementation, low stakeholder engagement, misdirected capital investments – the possibilities are endless. For organizations with complex missions and ambitious objectives, nothing can be more valuable to steering your strategy than knowing what matters to the people you serve, and why.

SocialFrame provides actionable information on exactly that – what your organization’s key stakeholders value, why they care, and what drives their actions and decisions in the space where you work. From community engagement to strategic communications and marketing, we use the most rigorous and appropriate techniques to generate the information your organization needs to craft successful strategies, make smart investments of time and money, and yield remarkable results.

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